Our Services
What We Do

As an Executive Board, you are doing too much!  You are spending

your Residents' hard earned dollars on a management company,

and it is time you received more for your money.  At EAM, we

handle your financial statements, contractor agreements,

declaration enforcement, collection of dues, neighborhood

inspections, contact with homeowners, and bids for neighborhood

work.  But all management companies perform these services!

We Are Different

Does your management company prepare your budget?  Prepare

a neighborhood newsletter?  Create and manage your neighborhood website?  Include demand letters from a preferred law firm for free?  At EAM, all of these services are included at absolutely no additional cost to the Association.  Your Association dollars can go farther, and we can show you how!

Speaking of Getting More...

Need an onsite manager?  We can do that.  When it snows, we visit your Community to ensure the work is getting done right and on time.  Each and every Resident will have their Community Manager's personal cell phone number. 

Pass-Through Charges?

We don't know the meaning of the phrase!  Unlimited access to your Community Manager via phone and email at no extra charge, ever!  Did your meeting run long?  No problem, you will never be billed extra.  What about paper, copies, scans, envelops, etc.?  This is a cost of doing business for EAM, and your Association will never pay anything for these items.